India, Rajasthan, Textile Factory, Dyeing And Drying Of The Fabrics For Making Saris And Turbans

RAJASTHAN, INDIA – 23 MARCH: Fabrics being air dried at a dyeing workshop in Rajasthan, India on 23 March, 2009. The majority of the dyeing workshops in Rajasthan are in decay and the working conditions antiquated. Once fabric is dyed and rinsed, it is hung to dry on bamboo rods in 30 feet high structures. The long bands of dyed fabric, about ninety yards in length, are folded by women and children. Dyes and other chemicals come from Ahmedabad, while cotton for dyeing comes from Bombay on bolts holding nine hundred to eleven hundred yards of fabric. The fabric is dyed by hand thirteen or fourteen times before being rinsed and set out to dry. (Photo by Xavier Zimbardo/Getty Images)

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